Innovative. Tactical. Personal. Risk Alert.

Money Management

Financial Planning

Retirement Income Planning

To Retirement & Beyond :)

Why Hire ATX Financial Planning?

Fiduciaries, so our interests are aligned.

Transparent Fees, tiered, not blended.

Independent & Honest, not wall street'ers.

Financial Planning using statistics, not a napkin.

Portfolio Audit, get a 2nd opinion.

Innovative, not stale & outdated.

Tactical Abilities to help weather storms.

Very Personal, not a big impersonal firm w/ high turnover.

Risk Alert, offering some strategies w/ downside protection.

How different are we really?

  • No one does it like we do it, in our estimation!
  • Challenge your existing situation because we belive you deserve the best!
  • Boldly compare us to your current investments!
  • Are you using stale and outdated allocation models which are failing to meet or exceed your expectations?
  • It's time to consider starting your new investment life here and now!

Is Traditional Investing Stressing You Out?

Losing sleep over inflation?

  • 3.8% average inflation 1960-2021
  • 7.25% average inflation in 1970's
  • 8.5% inflation Sept 2021 - July 2022
  • Do you have a handle on inflation, or does it have a handle on you?
  • Source: A1 in Disclaimers

Worrying About Running Out of Money?

  • Have you had statistical analysis run on your portfolio?
  • Are you withdrawing too much money?
  • Are you under or over allocated to equities?
  • We have software that runs statistical analysis on your portfolio.
  • Sleep better with a 2nd opinion!

Uncertain If You'll Outlive Your Life Savings?

  • Chance of living to age 90:
  • 43% chance for age 65 male
  • 53% chance for age 65 female
  • What's in your genes?
  • Is the fountain of youth still desirable?
  • Source: A3 in Disclaimer

We do life with our clients.

For Life.

To Retirement & Beyond :)

Want to join our family?

Feel Better

Sleep Better

Have better relationships

Spend more time smiling

Types of People We Can Help

Let's see if you're a good potential fit...

  • Ultra High Net Worth
  • High Net Worth
  • Nearly High Net Worth
  • Net Worth Builders
  • Married
  • Divorced
  • Widows
  • Single
  • STEM
  • Medical
  • Attorneys
  • Sales People
  • C Suite
  • Executives
  • Business Owners
  • Retired
  • Nearly Retired
  • Someday Retired :)
  • Givers
  • Not Takers




  • Tell us who you are
  • Share your goals with us
  • Tell us what you fear
  • We will listen
  • We will learn about your wants & needs
  • We will give you an honest assessment

Meetings via Zoom in the comfort of your own home

So How Can ATX Financial Planning Help Me?

Money Management

  • Discretionary
  • Independent
  • Fiduciary
  • Fee-based
  • It's time to run from giant firms with high turnover, one-size-fits-all portfolios, and stale strategies

Financial Planning

  • Create a Road Map
  • A Written Plan
  • Using cutting edge software
  • Statistical analyis of potential outcomes
  • Measure chance of success vs failure
  • Doing retirement without this is like driving cross country without a GPS

Retirement Income Planning

  • Income analysis
  • Dividends vs Growth
  • Risk Tolerance
  • Tax optimization
  • Withdrawal rates
  • Traditional bond and dividend-stock strategies are outdated and prehistoric

Estate Planning

  • Projection of estate size at death
  • Various tax considerations
  • Beneficiary designations
  • Gifts now vs. after death
  • Learn the differences between living trusts, wills, living wills, and powers of attorney

IRA Planning

  • IRA vs Roth IRA
  • How to gift IRA's
  • IRA Trusts
  • Inheritance options
  • And so much more

Legacy Planning

  • Who gets your money?
  • How?
  • When?
  • Stipulations?
  • Legacy is way more than money!

Insurance Planning

  • Explore options for:
  • Life Insurance
  • Long Term Care
  • Tax optimization
  • It's too late once it's too late

Educational Planning

  • Fund education for kids and grandkids
  • Optimize gifting strategies
  • 529 Plans
  • Links for birthday and Christmas gifts to college savings plans
  • Calculations & Projections

Is your current advisor:

  • Innovative ?
  • Tactical ?
  • Personal ?
  • Risk Alert ?


  • Constantly seeking cutting edge strategies
  • We're not too large to implement certain strategies
  • Our boutique size is advantageous
  • We're not hindered by some black box, one-size-fits-all mentality


  • Access to tactical funds
  • Instead of being static and stagnant, they can be tactical
  • Moving between assets and/or asset classes
  • What percent of your portfolio can move to cash equivalents?

Very Personal

  • Our Boutique size
  • Gives you direct access
  • To fiduciary advisors
  • And assistants
  • Unlike giant mega firms where people may feel like a number
  • Or there's high turnover

Risk Alert

  • We explore various risks, such as:
  • Inflation, Longevity, Drawdown, Emotional, etc.
  • We even have access to ETF's with various types of downside protection, which we can discuss

Flip The Script

  • Some people ask why they should get a 2nd opinion.
  • Perhaps the better questions is...
  • Would would you not get a 2nd opinion?
  • It's your life savings and your retirement that's at stake!
  • You deserve excellence, and that's ATX Financial Planning.

Time To Think

  • How innovative is your current advisor?
  • Have you any tactical funds in your portfolio now?
  • Will your advisor serve you for decades to come?
  • Have you risk alert funds in your portfolio now?
  • We're ready for a conversation.


Financial Planning

Online Access

  • Using Right Capital Financial Planning Software
  • Online Access +
  • Smart Phone App +
  • Consolidate all your bank, investment and business accounts in one place +
  • View your total net worth with daily updates

Statistical Analysis

  • Our Right Capital Software will run thousands of simulations to assign probabilities of success and failure in retirement based on your assets, projected growth rates, projected inflation rates, spending rate, charitable giving, etc.But what if an elevator could only go up
  • A homemade excel sheet only gives you flat line, stagnant projections.

Financial Road Map

  • Would you drive to vacation destination without using a GPS system? No!
  • Would you just hop in the car, start driving, and then decide where to vacation? No, you would do tons of planning and analysis.
  • Will you embark on a vacation called retirement without a rock-solid plan in place? If your answer is no, then you may want to meet with us.

Social Security Optimization

  • We'll illustrate the impact of your decision on when to start receiving Social Security benefits and the potential solution that will maximize your Social Security income.
  • In our opinion, the social security mistakes that people often make can have a profoundly negative impact on their retirement dreams.


  • Our software gives you tools to manage your budget, track spending in various categories and manage future spending.
  • Don't you think you could benefit from that?

Account Aggregation

  • Use the account aggregation feature to link:
  • Bank accounts
  • Credit cards
  • Loans
  • Outside investments
  • 401k's
  • Get a full picture of your financial situation in the palm of your hand instantly

Estate Planning

  • We can help you understand the flow of assets at the end of life, including any possible estate tax ramifications.

Stop wasting time with financial spreadsheets!

Instead, let aggregation software do the work for you...

Use this account aggregation software to track what you own, what you owe, how much you're worth and how much you spend.

Simplify your life with this net worth statement tool, viewable as an app on your phone.

  • Complimentary Access
  • Account Aggregation
  • Budgeting
  • Daily feeds (typically) from your financial institutions
  • Balance Sheet continuosly updated
  • Net Worth Statement continuously updated
  • iPhone app -- click here
  • Android app -- click here
  • FinTech that you can use daily & easily

Learning Section

Decide Where To Live In Retirement

  • "Go-go"
  • vs
  • "Slow-go"
  • vs
  • "No-go"

Assess Your Cash Flow

  • Income & Expenses
  • Fillable Worksheet
  • Where does all your money go?
  • Build a budget

Social Security Retirement Benefits

  • FAQ Frequently Asked Questions
  • Will my SS benefits be taxable?
  • Can I start collecting benefits and change my mind?
  • Am I able to collect spousal or survivor benefits if I have earned a pension?
  • And many more

Win More By Losing Less

  • All returns are not created equal
  • The greater the loss, the harder it is to break even

Withdrawal Rates

  • A Modest withdrawal rate can increase the longevity of your portfolio

Medicare for retirees

  • 2024 Quick Reference
  • Part A
  • Part B
  • Part C
  • Part D
  • Medigap

Social Security Quick Reference

  • 2024 Quick Reference
  • Full Retirement Age
  • Delayed Retirement Credits
  • Historical Cost of Living Adjustments

Sequence of Returns

  • Before retirement, average return matters more than sequence
  • But...
  • Sequence can matter more than average return when withdrawing

Dollar Cost "Ravaging"

  • The wrong amount of risk can severely impact your retirement
  • Shifting to a well-constructed, risk-managed portfolio can potentially improve outcomes

Interest rates drive bond returns

  • Over long enough time frames, bond returns tend to mirror the direction of interest rates
  • Bond category returns during periods of rising or falling interest rates

Student of the Market Jan 2024

  • Nov & Dec 2023 was a historic stretch for bonds
  • US Stocks in a presidential election year
  • Performance following peaks in inflation
  • How fast do cash yields fall?


  • Fee-based, fiduciaries
  • Only .75% fee on $2 Million to $3,999,999
  • Only .85% fee on $1 Million to $1,999,999
  • Only 1% fee on $300,000 to $999,999
  • Only 1.25% fee on up to $299,999
  • Negotiable if over $4 Million
  • Our fees are transparent and based on assets under management
  • Do you actually know what your current fees are? We can help you figure it out.



Beyond the 4% Rule:

How Much Can You Spend in Retirement?


Financial Planning Software

Start your financial planning journey using our complimentary software.

Mike Massey's portal. Click.

Dallan Maas's portal. Click.


Better Than Bonds? A Look at Uncapped Fixed Index Annuities

Source Kiplinger

In the 10 years ending 2023, 10 year Treasury bonds had an annual return of just 1.5%

The annual inflation rate over that same time frame was 2.8%.


How presidential elections affect the stock market

It's probably different than you think.

Article from US Bank


Our Team

Mike Massey -- Financial Advisor & Managing Director

  • He's a quick thinker, so he likes pictures, bullet points and infographics
  • He has a wife of 18 years, 5 kids on earth (including one from Ethiopia) & 2 in heaven
  • He has 4 1/2 college degrees. 2 from UT, both in accounting, 1 is a Masters. 2 from The University of Houston, 1 in Law (J.D.) and 1 in Business (MBA). He got halfway through Calvary Chapel Bible College
  • He's an ordained pastor and host of Daily Verse by Verse Podcast which has > 13,000 listens
  • He, wait...correction, his family, has 4 dogs, 2 bearded dragons, 1 Russian Tortoise, but no, there's no partridge in a pear tree
  • He's a serial entrepreneur with multiple successful businesses. That means he's personally experienced successes, failures, tax strategies, FICA strategies, accounting, growth, capital allocation decisions, cash flow decisions, etc.
  • He's a giver. He adopted a child from Ethiopia. He gives money to 3 different churches, to 3+ para-churches, to over 2 dozen orphans around the world, and he hesitates to even tell you about his giving because he prefers silent giving, but he feels the risk is worth it here so that you know who you're dealing with.
  • Hobbies? He recently realized that he always said the same thing...hunting, fishing and golfing. But he realized he doesn't even do those things anymore. As he tripped over one of his kid's toys, he realized his hobbies are playing with his kids, studying & teaching the Bible, jogging (sometimes far away from his kids and sometimes pushing 2 of the kids in a stroller, uphill, both ways), and working (yes, he actually loves to work)!
  • Book a meeting with Mike by clicking here.

Dallan Maas -- Financial Advisor

  • Dallan brings an abundance of successful business management, financial planning, and investment experience to create customized financial solutions for each and every client.
  • Here is what you can expect when working with Dallan:
  • He will ALWAYS have your best interests at heart.
  • He will ALWAYS be truthful.
  • To provide best solutions, it is vitally important he gets to know you and what is most important to you.
  • His ultimate goal when creating your unique financial solutions is that it not only will bring you future success, but also peace of mind and confidence today.
  • He manages your investments to help achieve your long-term goals, not beat an index.
  • Life and markets are very unpredictable so he will not always be right, but he will not be reckless either.
  • It is important to him that Investments and Financial Planning not be mysterious or intimidating. He is a teacher at heart and believes the more knowledge and understanding the client has, the more confident they will be to take necessary steps to succeed.
  • Here's a favorite quote of Dallan's: “There have been a lot of lucky sprinters in history, but there have been no lucky marathoners. It takes planning and perseverance to win a marathon.” – Don Connelly
  • Book a meeting Dallan by clicking here

Angela Nguyen -- Client Service Manager

  • a true Austinite, born and raised in Austin, TX
  • She grew up in a Vietnamese household with her parents who still reside in Austin, TX
  • She’s currently in her fiancé era planning a wedding and modifying cars with her fiancé which is actually how they met!
  • Their modified cars were actually what caught each other’s attention.
  • They both also have 2 fur babies who live their best lives showered with love, toys and treats.
  • Email Angela at


I already have a financial advisor

Yes, most people do. But when is the last time you had a 2nd opinion? Do you know exactly how much you're paying in fees? Are they using any tactical funds, and how have they done for you? Are they using any strategies that offer calculated downside protection? How much international exposure do they have relative to technology exposure, for example?

I don't like paying fees

Me neither. But, as I've aged and become wiser, I have learned one crazy valuable lesson: cost is only important in the absence of value. If two things have identical valule, then choose the cheaper one probably. But if two things have different value, then cost is only one consideration. If you're a DIY investor, do you have complete confidence and the tools at your findertips to: run statiscial analysis on the probabiliy of success and failure in retirement; compare funds tax efficiency ratios, historical drawdowns and sequence of returns risk; analyze various tactical investment strategies?

I keep my money at XYZ because that's who my dad used

Understood. But just because that was the advisor that your dad chose, do you have 100% confidence that it's the best advisor for you? Why would you not at least get a 2nd opinion to evaluate fees, strategy, innovative thinking, risk strategies and more?

I don't really have time. I'm too busy to meet

How much time did you spend planning your most recent vacation? 5 hours, 10 hours, 15 hours? We've seen stats that people spend 20-30 hours planning a vacation! So don't you think you can spare an hour to discuss something far more important than a 10 day vacation?

I can do it all myself -- DIY

Perhaps, but you'll have a hard time eliminating one of the greatest enemies of investors. EMOTIONS! Emotions are one of the greatest enemies of investors, and I would argue enemy number one. Emotions cause people to get blinded by their greed, or by their fear. Having a coach can really help with those emotions. Did you know that the top golfers have private coaches, the top entrepreneurs have coahces, and the highest paid CEO's in the world have coaches? Why do they have coaches? Because they're willing to make an investment to have a coach to help guide them and help with priorities, goals and yes...poor emotions inclinations or responses.

I already feel good about my finances

Do you have 100% confidence level that you're current strategy cannot fail? How much of your portfolio is in funds that can move completely to cash? How much of your portfolio has downside protection built into the ETF itself? What's the statistical probably, meaning the percentage chance of failure based on your current financial plan?

My current advisor is better looking than you

Very well. This isn't a beauty contest :)

Social Security Optimization

Don't Wait Any Longer!

Book and attend a meeting with us, and after our meeting we will create a SOCIAL SECURITY OPTIMIZATION REPORT for you at no charge.

We think you will find this to be extremely valuable becuase it's unique and specific to your situation, rather than some generic one-size-fits-all article.


Get a Second Opinion.

We can review your current portfolio!

If you have a meeting with us, then we can create the following for you, at no charge:

  • Review your current portfolio
  • We can run an example portfolio for you based on your investible assets, goals, risk tolerance, contributions, withdrawals, advisor fees, etc.
  • We can even typically run it side by side with your current allocation and fees.

Contact Us


  • 418 Grace Lane, Austin, TX 78746
  • It's the 1 story blue and white cottage.
  • Our office sits on 3 pristine acres with working well water in the heart of Austin, just a few miles from Barton Creek Country Club
  • No downtown parking issues :)


  • Main: 512-643-4040
  • Mike: 512-757-9065
  • Dallan: 512-751-9142


  • Mike:
  • Dallan:
  • Client Service Manager:

Book a meeting with:

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Source A3 in Disclaimer: Probability of 65-year-olds surviving to select ages. Source: The Insured Retirement Institute, Fact Book, 2020.

Source A4: Returns & Drawdown Source: Volatility Opportunity Guide, Significant Intra-Year Drawdowns Are Common,,not%20available%20for%20direct%20investment. Bond drawdown source: YTD performance as of 10-24-22 for the AGG ETF (iShares Core US Aggregate Bond ETF) and the TLT ETF (iShares 20+ Year Treasury Bond ETF).

* Value: Social Security Analysis Optimization Report added $140,000 in additional lifetime income per household in 2020 (; Mike Massey doesn't bill hourly with this business, but in another business he typically chages $500 or $600 when he bills hourly; Portfolio Vizualizer is a software that we use for quantifying historical drawdown risk of variuos allocations and this software is often purchased for $468 annualized by financial professionals.